Cannabis and Covid-19: Can CBD support the treatment of coronavirus?

What if cannabis could be used against Covid-19? Canadian researchers are currently studying this in Alberta/Canada and are coming to the first results with the medicinal plant. They claim that certain active substances in cannabis can protect against the Coronavirus. What's up, man?

CBD and Covid-19

So for once, it sounds too good to be true: CBD protects against Corona? This would not be entirely surprising, because it is already known that cannabis supports the immune system and can also be used to prevent viruses, but it heals Corona? It was more of a wishful thinking. Or is it? The researchers from Canada claim to have recently developed links and Preprint-Study notes that certain active substances of the "psychoactive drug cannabis can prevent infection with the Sars CoV-2 agent".

Block docking positions

In order for the corona virus to infect and replicate human host cells, the spike protein on the viral envelope must bind to the ACE2 receptors of the host cells. These receptors can be detected in lung tissue, oral and nasal mucosa, kidneys, testicles and the gastrointestinal tract. According to the new theory, cannabinoids may change the ACE2 levels in these gateways. The human host would thus be less vulnerable and vulnerable. This could reduce the risk of infection in principle if necessary." If there is no ACE2 in the tissue, the virus cannot penetrate,"explains the biology professor Kovalchuck loudly Focus online

But beware, domestic breeding is not enough here. The researchers have focused specifically on CBD because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Like the Focus. Dr. Igor Kovalchuck, together with Dr. Darryl Hudson, who graduated from the University of Guelph, also heads a company called Inplanta Biotechnology. This Canadian institute also investigates the use of cannabinoids in medicine. But funding cannabinoid research was "still difficult", Kovalchuck said. This is also the case in other countries.

More money for cannabis research

What is needed is more investment in research and more time. Sensational pleasure is therefore, as so often happens, out of place. Home-breeding is not enough and self-therapy must also be discouraged. Open and transparent research methods must be developed to avoid misunderstandings among the population. Placebo studies, independent opinions and, of course, research funding are lacking. But it would be worth investing in health right now! According to the researchers, CBD would be a supplement to Covid-19 therapy, along with other treatments. It would also be a simple preventive application, for example by rinsing with CBD in the mouth. We are very excited about what research has yet to discover and we hope that investment will come. Until then, at least in our enthusiasm for CBD, nothing changes: this is still huge.

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