CBD products
from Switzerland

Our journey began in 2019 in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, where we were inspired by the beauty and power of the plant world. Our passion for high-quality CBD products is shaped by our many years of experience in hemp cultivation and CBD production. With 25 years in organic soil management and 15 years in hemp cultivation in the Swiss Alps, we have developed a deep understanding of nature and its treasures.

Innovation in touch with nature: Transparency and quality in our CBD value chain

Our philosophy is based on transparency, innovation, quality and naturalness. We are proud to control the entire value chain of our products under one roof - from cultivation to gentle CO₂ extraction to bottling and packaging.

Our hemp plants grow in natural soils that have been around for over been farmed organically for a quarter of a century. Meticulous manual harvesting and the use of high-quality carrier oils such as organic sunflower seed oil ensure that we produce CBD products of the highest purity and quality.

Commitment to quality and natural beauty:
Discover the best of Alpinol's CBD

Our commitment to quality is evident at every step - from the thorough laboratory testing of each batch to the constant refinement of our manufacturing processes. We believe that the combination of expertise, innovation and closeness to nature makes our CBD products the best on the market.

Alpinols invites you to be enchanted by the powerful connection between man and nature allow. Discover our range of products and find products that will help you promote your well-being naturally. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the Alps with Alpinols.