We are the growers.

We are the product development.

We are the laboratory.

We are the distribution.

We are ALPINOLS - every seed, every drop is in our hands.

On the field

From sowing to irrigation to the hand-picked harvest, the farmers at ALPINOLS take care of raising and selecting the strongest, most vigorous hemp plants on the largest Bio Suisse certified fields in Switzerland. Starting with vegetables and fruit, they have been gathering experience in organic cultivation for 25 years. These farmers specialised in the cultivation of hemp plants more than 15 years ago.
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Handverlesene Ernte
CBD Herstellung

In production

Hemp is a product of our time, although the useful and medicinal plant itself is thousands of years old. We have made it our goal to provide information about the incredible versatility of hemp, and thus finally free it from its image as a "stoner plant".

In our in-house laboratory, we not only work on innovations, but also constantly check the quality of all our products. The laboratory analysis of an independent third-party laboratory are also available on this website under the individual products. We are proud that our products come from pure organic Suisse cultivation, and from the largest farmer with this certification. In this way we not only help the environment, but also you – and that is the most important thing for us.

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In the laboratory

In our own laboratory, lab technicians check every batch of production. CBD concentration, THC content and many other values are checked after the extraction process to ensure that it is, for example, a 5%, 10% or 15% full spectrum CBD oil or that the THC content is below the required minimum limit. In addition to this in-house quality assurance, additional samples are sent to an independent laboratory in order to integrate a further control instance into the production process.
CBD überprüfen
CBD Flaschen labeln

In storage

Following the production of the CBD products and quality assurance, the oils are filled into vials. These are then labelled and packaged. From the Swiss warehouse in Möchaltorf, ALPINOLS employees then send countless of these vials in sustainable packaging around the world. ALPINOLS does not use plastic for its packaging and relies on recycled materials. Nature is our most valuable asset.

Ready for sale

ALPINOLS sells its own CBD products directly via the online shop, as well as through various other distribution channels - online and offline. In the Berlin showroom, the employees sell CBD oils and cosmetics directly in Germany or advise interested parties on the subject of CBD.
CBD Berlin
For thousands of years, man has used plants from nature for a wide variety of purposes. From marigolds to onions, many plants have properties that have a positive effect on the human organism. ALPINOLS believes in the power of the hemp plant.
Matteo Delbrück

Matteo, Co-Founder and CEO of ALPINOLS:

"It is our mission to make high-quality Swiss CBD accessible to everyone; for a balanced, stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Trust, research, innovation, quality and transparency are therefore the most important values for us - after all, our health is always the priority."

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Besides pure CBD oils "Full Spectrum" and "Broad Spectrum", the range includes oils with natural additives "CBD Effect". ALPINOLS also uses the oils to enrich its own natural cosmetics line.
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