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Our mission at ALPINOLS is to make high-quality hemp products accessible to everyone. In doing so, we can rely on 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation. We grow our hemp plants sustainably on 18 hectares of farmland in the Swiss Alps and harvest every leaf by hand. We combine outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

The hemp plant is like a sponge. It absorbs what it finds with its long roots in all the layers of the soil. This characteristic makes the plant so valuable, as it absorbs all the absorbs important nutrients and minerals and safes those. But if it grows in soil that has been contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals beforehand, you will see residues of these later in the laboratory reports.

Our hemp plants grow in natural soils that we for more than 25 years organiccultivate. Thus, they do not contain any residues of pesticides. Hundreds of years ago, a huge glacier rose up where our plants grow on rich soil which left with important minerals and trace elements. Plants that thrive in these fertile soils are particularly valuable for our health.

In this way we offer our customers cannabidiol of the highest quality. Our farmers are trained according to the regulations of the Bio-Suisse, the highest standard for Swiss organic farming, certified. Bio-Suisse stands for a careful and conscious approach to the environment.

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Only the best of nature

We at ALPINOLS believe in the power of nature and put our full trust in the hemp plant. Hemp was already used many centuries ago as a medicinal herb, to support health and well-being quite naturally. For this reason we believe that CBD oils are the perfect match for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Our hemp plants are grown as gently as possible as well as harvestedandprocessed. Furthermore, our products contain exclusively natural ingredients. For fertilisation, too, we only use substances that occur naturally. In addition to not using artificial fertilisers, we do not use any synthetic chemical pesticides to combat pests. We deliberately do not use in ourproduction of our oilswe do not enrich our products with isolates or artificial additives and offer our customers high-quality products that are free of colourings and preservatives.

Another quality criteria is the purity of our oils, which is reflected in the golden yellow colour. Through careful selection of the plant parts and the processing of the biomass, we succeed in creating a hemp extract with a high degree of purity to be produced.

In the article "How can I recognise good CBD oil?", we provide information on the criteria that can be used to distinguish a good CBD oil from an inferior one.

Article: Recognising good CBD oil

Quality management and transparency

In the jungle of suppliers that differ in terms of the quality of their CBD oils, consumers can quickly lose their overview. Many manufacturers obtain their hemp from different suppliers and therefore cannot guarantee constant quality.

Since everything from cultivation and extraction to the marketing of the products takes place under one roof, we can guarantee continuous quality for years to come. We accompany the entire value chain and have all process steps in our own hands.

In doing so, we want certain core values such as transparency, innovation, quality and naturalness never lose sight of. Every batch undergoes a detailed analysis in our in-house laboratory. In addition, our products are subject to regular quality controls by independent laboratories.

The lab reports to our CBD oils are available online.

This is the only way we can offer our customers the highest quality products. Rating portals such as Trustpilot or Trustedshops reflect the high level of quality that our products have in the eyes of our customers.

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Distinct cannabinoid and terpene profile

At ALPINOLS, we attach great importance to a natural terpene profile, which is why we obtain our hemp extract with the help of CO2 extraction. This particularly gentle process preserves the entire spectrum of the hemp plant. terpenes are responsible for the unique smell and taste of hemp and in combination with the cannabinoids result in an optimal interaction of effects.

The synergy of the valuable hemp components ensures that they are particularly effective, unlike isolated cannabinoids. We are convinced of this. Each stage of production is designed to produce a unique hemp extract where we maximise the cannabinoid and terpene profile.

In addition to the laboratory reports, the cannabionide and the profil of terpenes to see.

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