Organic CBD products from Switzerland

Discover our unique CBD products, grown and made in Switzerland from the full power of the hemp plant.

We believe in the full power of the plant, which is why ALPINOLS CBD oils are gently extracted to preserve all the components such as terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids of the hemp plant.

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All our ALPINOLS Original Full-Spectrum products contain all natural cannabinoids.

Our ALPINOLS Zero is THC-free, but contains all the ingredients from the certified organic plant, just like all the other oils.

The ALPINOLS Aqua is water-soluble in any drink for all those who would like an alternative method of use.

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Our CBD-products from organic cultivation Cultivation according to the highest organic standards for over 25 years

From field to shelf

The finest organic quality

With over 15 years of experience growing cannabis and over 25 years in organic farming, we have learned that plants are a lot like people. The more care and love they get, the better they grow. That's why we harvest every leaf by hand, don't use any foreign substances (no alcohol or additives) and analyze our products in our own lab as well as with an independent lab - this is how we guarantee consistency, transparency and the highest quality. You can find the laboratory analyses on this website at the products or additionally on request.

We believe in the power of the plant, do you, too?

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Our promise

We give vitality with nature's secret ingredients and make organic CBD products of the highest quality accessible to all


Our young plants from own crossbreeding

Depending on the weather conditions, we usually plant our cuttings in April, because hemp is sensitive to frost. We work traditionally by hand and under strict Bio Suisse guidelines on our fields.


The flower

The hemp plant begins to form its precious inflorescences after the summer solstice in June, the longest day of the year.


The haverst

We are very attached to traditions in agriculture and that's why we only handpick the best parts of hemp leaves for use in our production process.



Through an innovative CO2 extraction process we extract our hemp extract from the dried leaf trim and thereby preserve all the valuable ingredients of the plant such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

All ingredients come from Switzerland

CBD from our own Bio Suisse certified cultivation - visit our fields in the canton of Fribourg

Picked with love

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