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From organic cultivation in Switzerland

All CBD products from ALPINOLS come from organic farming in Switzerland and are Bio Suisse certified. Discover our wide range of high-quality CBD products and CBD oils in a wide variety of variations.


CBD Purifying
Face Gel
Papaya & Sweet Clover, 100ml

29.90 €
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CBD Face Serum
Retinol &
Nourishing oils, 30ml

79.90 €
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CBD Face Cream
Shea butter, 50ml

69.90 €
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CBD Detox
Face Mask
Aloe Vera & Mineral Clays, 50ml

49.90 €
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Ultra Repair CBD Balsam
Vitamin E & Ringelblume

58.90 €
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CBD Massage Balm
Sport Recovery
Magnesium & Arnica, 50ml

64.90 €
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CBD Body Oil
Premium Jojoba Oil

34.90 €
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Alpinols Sample size
Broad or Full Spectrum
300 mg CBD (10%), 3 ml

9.45 €18.90 €
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Alpinols The Purifier
Facial soap
CBD & Almond Oil, 100g

19.90 €
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Alpinols The Booster
Face serum
CBD & Hyaluron, 30ml

39.90 €
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Alpinols The Essential
Day & Night Face Cream
CBD & Aloe Vera, 50ml

59.90 €
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Alpinols The Active
Recovery Sport Gel
CBD & Aloe Vera, 100ml

49.90 €
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Alpinols Original
Bio Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500 mg CBD (5%), 10 ml

34.90 €
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Alpinols Original
Bio Full Spectrum CBD Oil
5%, 30 ml

47.45 €94.90 €
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Alpinols Original
Bio Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000 mg CBD (10%), 10 ml

49.90 €
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100% Swiss Made
100% organic cultivation
Full plant power
Hand in hand with nature

Buy organic CBD products
from Alpinols

For the high-quality organic CBD products, the hemp plants are cultivated and harvested by hand on our own organically certified fields in the Swiss Alps. The CBD for the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil is extracted using the environmentally friendly and gentle CO2 extraction method. This makes it possible to extract other valuable ingredients (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) from the hemp, which can develop a synergistic effect together with the CBD ("entourage effect").

For the full-spectrum oils, the CBD extract is dissolved in organic hemp oil, which is obtained from hemp seeds, organic sunflower oil or high-quality MCT oil. For the THC-free broad spectrum oil, the modern separation process called flash chromatography is used after extraction. This gently removes the THC. The extract is then dissolved in high-quality sunflower oil.

To ensure quality, analyzes are carried out in the in-house laboratory and also in an independent laboratory.

Effect Line products:
CBD oil with additional natural ingredients

A wide range of therapeutic uses are attributed to CBD. The ALPINOLS Effect Line aims to respond to special needs. Therefore, the CBD oils in organic quality contain other ingredients from nature.

In today's fast-paced world, stress, worries, problems and illnesses are not uncommon. All of this has an impact on physical and mental health, which is why many people are looking for natural support. ALPINOLS offers various high-quality products for this purpose.

The full-spectrum CBD oil "Happy Days" with the soothing lemon balm extract should help to keep the balance in everyday life. For people who suffer from insomnia, Sweet Dreams oil with chamomile extract can be a natural alternative to sleep-inducing drugs. To support the normal functioning of the immune system, the CBD oil "Protect" offers various plant extracts that may have immune-modulating properties.

CBD cosmetics:
day and night care for the skin

The external application of CBD can have positive effects on the skin, since cannabinoid receptors can also be detected here, to which the cannabinoid binds. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so problem skin can particularly benefit from it. In addition, the CBD cosmetics are also suitable as an additional product as part of acne therapy.

ALPINOLS combines high-quality organic CBD full-spectrum extract with other natural ingredients in the cosmetic products. These can protect the skin from oxidative stress and increase its resistance so that the complexion normalizes.

Another important active ingredient is the salt of hyaluronic acid, which penetrates deep into the skin due to its low molecular weight and can thus trigger an anti-aging effect. Nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as almond oil, aloe vera and vitamin E complement the CBD products for the skin.