• For the relaxing CBD body oil, ALPINOLS has combined a full spectrum CBD extract with a premium jojoba oil. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the body oil is a rich and moisturising care for your skin. It is also ideal as a massage oil and can be used as a hair oil.

    The terpenes contained act like aromatherapy for the senses and contribute to a moment of pampering and relaxation.

    An overview of all important information:

    • »High-quality CBD cosmetics with practical pump system
    • »Skin and Hair Rich Oil
    • »Organic full-spectrum CBD extract from our own production
    • »Natural terpenes (aromatic substances from hemp)
    • »Valuable premium organic jojoba oil
    • »100 percent natural
    • »Swiss Made
  • Gently massage the oil onto your body and / or face whenever you want deep relaxation and nourishing skin care. Used as a hair oil before shampooing, the oil protects your hair from drying out, breakage and split ends.

    The CBD body oil with its pleasant fragrance is ideal for pampering massages. It can help to relax the muscles, moisturises and softens the skin. Accordingly, the oil is not only a boon during the massage, but also offers rich body care afterwards.

    Since the body oil is very productive, even a small amount is sufficient. Simply distribute the fragrant oil in the palms of your hands and apply to the skin in slow circular movements - either all over the body or only in selected areas.

    In addition, the oil is an ideal hair care, especially for dry and brittle hair. Simply massage the oil into stressed lengths and ends, leave for about half an hour and rinse with warm water.


    Active ingredients for the optimal body oil

    Many studies point to the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol (CBD). This is an ingredient from the hemp plant that does not cause any intoxicating effects. Due to the gentle extraction, the hemp extract offers cannabinoids such as CBD, but also terpenes - the aromatic substances from the hemp - as well as secondary plant substances..

    We believe that the body oil with CBD can promote relaxation of body and mind. Numerous people have already had positive experiences with CBD. According to reports, CBD products help to increase well-being, in case of sore muscles after sports or to care for the skin, among other things.

    Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba bush, although strictly speaking it is not an oil but a wax-like substance. Similar to hemp seed oil, olive oil or sunflower seed oil, jojoba oils are of high quality if they are not refined. Cold-pressed oils ("native oils") remain in their natural composition after the seeds have been pressed. Therefore, jojoba oil can also offer the following valuable ingredients, among others:

    Vitamin E: This vitamin occurs naturally in jojoba oil and is valued for its antioxidant properties. As an anti-ageing agent, it is said to stimulate cell division, strengthen the skin's protective barrier, smooth small wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

    Provitamin A: Provitamin A, better known as beta-carotene, is just like vitamin E an important antioxidant that scavenges free radicals and can protect the body from oxidative stress. In addition, beta-carotene is considered a protective substance for healthy skin.

    In addition, jojoba oil also provides vitamin B6, also an antioxidant, which is said to have the property of being able to regulate the sebum flow in the skin.

    Buy Relaxing CBD Body Oil in Organic Quality

    The hemp plants used to obtain the hemp extract, including the CBD, thrive in our own fields in Switzerland. The soil and the ground are subject to strictly controlled Bio Suisse guidelines. This means that the hemp and its products come 100 percent from our own organic cultivation.

    For CBD extraction, the environmentally friendly and gentle CO2 extraction process is used, so that all the important ingredients of the plant are preserved. To ensure the quality, the products are analysed in our own laboratory as well as in an independent laboratory. We are happy to make these analysis reports available to our customers.

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    Ihre Produkte fürs Gesicht sind einfach traumhaft und effektiv. Die vielen Informationen über Herstellung und Nachhaltigkeit finde ich sehr gut und verständlich. Schön dass es sie gibt.

    Katrin Ksionski/16.01.2022

    Die Kosmetik-Produkte für das Gesicht sind von der Konsistenz, vom Duft und von der Art, wie sie von der Haut aufgenommen werden super angenehm und entspannend. Das Körperöl zieht sehr schnell ein, riecht allerdings deutlich nach Hanf. Die Tropfen für schnelleres Ein-und Durchschlafen helfen bei mir sehr gut. Ich schlafe tiefer und länger.

    Lisa Köhler/25.03.2022

    Super schnelle Lieferung! Top Qualität! Ich zähle mich mittlerweile zu den Stammkunden, habe lange nach so einer Qualität gesucht und endlich gefunden. Immer wieder gerne!

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CBD Body Oil with High Quality Jojoba Oil

CBD Body Oil with High Quality Jojoba Oil

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