• Bei diesem CBD Produkt handelt es sich um ein reines Broad Spectrum Öl, das speziell für Katzen entwickelt wurde. Es enthält einen CBD Anteil von 3%. Schonend extrahiert und biologisch angebaut, umfasst dieses Öl viele wichtige Cannabinoide aus der Hanfpflanze, ist aber frei von Terpenen und THC.

    All information at a glance:

    • »THC-free (containing less than 0.05% THC)
    • »Terpene-free (contains less than 0.05% terpenes)
    • »High bioavailability
    • »Vegan
    • »One drop contains approx. 1.5 mg CBD
    • »No artificial flavours
    • »100% organic cultivation according to Bio-Suisse guidelines
    • »Plants from the Swiss Alps
    • »Hand-picked & GMO-free
    • »Quality: Laboratory tested
  • There are currently no uniform standards for the dosage of CBD oils. Since every body is unique and factors such as body weight, size etc. differ, an individual dosage is needed. Cat owners can approach this slowly.

    It is recommended to start with 1 - 2 drops and to increase the dose if necessary.

    Keepers administer the CBD drops for cats pure, in combination with treats or in the daily food.

  • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

    Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract

    ALPINOLS CBD Oil for Cats 3%
    FormOil in glass bottle with pipette
    Hemp extractCannabis Sativa Leaf Extract
    Carrier oilHelianthus Annuus Seed Oil
    CannabinoidsCBD, CBG
    THC contentbelow 0.05%
    Terpene contentbelow 0.05%
    Number of dropsapprox. 200 in 10 ml
    Total CBD300 mg
    CBD in %3
    CBD content per drop1.5 mg
    Flavourmild hemp flavour
    ColourAmber, golden yellow

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    For all our CBD oils, whether for humans or animals, we use a particularly mild process to extract the valuable extracts from the hemp plants. In the case of the broad spectrum oils, we choose a complex process to filter out the THC in the next step. In addition, the terpenes are removed from this CBD oil for cats. This is necessary because cats do not tolerate these terpenes in hemp.

    Many other manufacturers mix isolated cannabinoids to create a Broad Spectrum oil. In the end, this is an artificial product. This process is cheaper to produce, but we believe in the power of nature. We create a natural product through a more elaborate process. Because it is crucial that the natural, broad spectrum of flavonoids and cannabinoids is preserved.

  • Largest Bio Suisse certified cultivation with over 200,000 sqm

    Gentle and traditional harvesting by hand

    100 % natural ingredients

    At ALPINOLS, we develop our products from the full power of the hemp plant. Quality is our top priority. Our plants grow on Bio Suisse certified soil that our farmers have been cultivating organically for over 25 years. This means that they do not contain any pesticide residues, so that the plant can only absorb valuable nutrients.

    From the seeds to the hand-picked harvest to the sale of the products, everything is united under one roof. This way, we can guarantee consistent quality for years to come.

    Our farmers specialised in the cultivation of hemp over 15 years ago and harvest every leaf by hand. They do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

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    Vielen dank für die schnelle Lieferung. Das Öl für meine Katze ist super! Ein 19-jähriger Kater hat dadurch mehr Wohlbefinden erhalten. Ich habe die Tierprodukte direkt weiterempfohlen in meinem Bekanntenkreis. Gerne kaufe ich wieder bei Euch ein.

    Ursula Stapf/20.05.2022

    Ich bin mit dem Produkt und prompte Versand sehr zufrieden. Kann es Guten Gewissens weiter empfehlen.

    Martin Brunschwiler/21.09.2020

    CBD für Katzen ohne Terpen. Sehr gutes Produkt für meinen alten Kater. Super schnelle Lieferung!

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