CBD Cosmetics

Inspired by nature

ALPINOLS Skin Therapy - Our CBD cosmetics were developed hand in hand with nature. The unique combination of natural ingredients is available exclusively for you. We use only high-quality plant substances that are produced according to Bio-Suisse guidelines.

✓ Full Spectrum CBD ✓ natural ✓ vegan ✓ 100% organic cultivation

Natural CBD-cosmetics for your skin

This is where innovative science meets nature. ALPINOLS Skin Therapy combines natural ingredients and CBD to a unique combination for you. The Full Spectrum CBD oil with aloe vera is a high-quality combination for your skin and supports it with all the vitamins and minerals of the hemp plant. Our CBD cosmetics are animal-free and vegan.

Why is organic so important for CBD cosmetics?

The fact that our CBD cosmetics are produced according to Bio-Suisse guidelines is the most important thing to us. We are sure that the quality of the earth is reflected in the hemp plants. 


Our fields have been cultivated naturally for over 25 years according to the quality of the Bio-Suisse guidelines of Switzerland. The soil for our high-quality hemp plants is organic through and through, which makes our CBD cosmetics so special. We use our own biomass for the production of CBD, so that a natural cycle with nature is created. 


Since hemp is a deep rooter, it draws important nutrients from deeper layers of the earth. So if this has not been treated with natural fertilizer and love of nature, it will show in the hemp plant. That is why it is so important that in our CBD cosmetics the natural care of nature has the highest priority. Not only should it say organic on it, but it should actually have organic in it. And not just recently. At ALPINOLS we guarantee 100% organic without foreign substances such as heavy metals or pesticides in the soil - for over two decades.


Our CBD-cosmetics with the ALPINOLS quality

With over 15 years of experience growing cannabis and over 25 years in organic farming, we have learned that plants are a lot like people. The more care and love they get, the better they grow. 

For our CBD cosmetics, we therefore harvest each leaf by hand, use no foreign substances and analyse our products in-house and with an independent laboratory. This way we can offer transparency and the best quality for our CBD products.