• This face roller is a special experience for your skin. The face roller made of rose quartz, jade or nephrite comes in a beautiful set with a Gua Sha stone for massaging and circulating the skin. Pamper your skin and facial muscles. Thanks to its pretty box, the set is also ideal as a gift.

    Gua Sha originates from Asia and is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The meanings of the words "gua" = to stroke and "sha" = redness describe the benefits of the stone very well. Stroking over redness is meant to rid the skin of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic flow. Furthermore, the light massage of the skin's surface helps to loosen the skin layers and gently stimulate blood circulation. The activated blood circulation ensures a radiant complexion and promotes collagen formation. It is particularly suitable for the face, neck, décolleté, where it can also relieve tension. Treat yourself to some time off and free yourself from stress and tension.

    At a glance:

    • »Gemstone Face Roller Set with Heart Shaped Gua Sha Stone
    • »Available in three versions
    • »The massage promotes blood circulation to the facial muscles
    • »Activates and loosens the skin layers during the massage
    • »Smoothes wrinkles
    • »Radiantly beautiful skin for all skin types
    • »For face, neck, décolleté and neck
    • »Eases stress and tension
    • »Stimulates lymph flow and helps reduce swelling
    • »For home, on the road & travelling
  • For the massage with the roller or stone, we recommend the use of a facial oil, ideally the Alpinols CBD facial serum with retinol & nourishing oils. The combination makes the massage more effective and can support the positive effect against wrinkles. A rich face cream can also be used instead of the serum.

    Basic rule: The direction of massage with the stone and roller is always from the centre of the face outwards. This stimulates the lymph flow. Only the neck is massaged from the bottom to the top.

    Tip: Combining care products

    Gua Sha is even more effective against wrinkles in combination with a suitable care oil or serum, such as our CBD face serum with retinol & nourishing oils. The serum is the ideal basis for the massage with the roller or Gua Sha stone. Instead of the serum, a rich face cream can also be used, such as CBD face cream with shea butter. The care effect is supported by massaging the products into the skin. The valuable ingredients can be better absorbed by the skin.

  • In traditional Chinese medicine, different effects are attributed to stones. The choice of stone has little influence on the effect of the massage. What is important is that the stone is smoothly polished and does not hurt the skin.

    Pink: Semi-precious stone rose quartz, metal in rose gold. Rose quartz is also called the energy stone. It can help to reduce tension and stress. It can also have a calming effect on irritated skin.

    Green: Semi-precious stone jade, metal in gold. The deep green jade stone is said to have a cleansing and decongestant effect. That is why jade is recommended for impure skin.

    Black: Semi-precious stone nephrite, metal in gold. Nephrite is a solid solution of tremolite and actinolite. The colour is determined by chromium and iron. Here a black stone is processed. Nephrite is regarded in China as the stone of the balance of Yin and Yang.

Face Roller & Gua Sha Stone Set

Face Roller & Gua Sha Stone Set

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