• The full spectrum CBD oil comes from the organic cultivation of hemp on our own fields. Due to the strictly controlled production method on "real" organic soil, the product contains no genetic engineering and is also suitable for vegans. Here is an overview of all the important information:

    All information at a glance:

    • »Full-spectrum CBD oil with 15 percent CBD
    • »Chamomile extract
    • »THC content under 0.2 percent
    • »100 % natural production from organic cultivation
    • »Produced without genetic engineering according to Bio-Suisse guidelines
    • »Vegan
    • »Bottle content of 10 ml (corresponds to about 200 drops)
    • »1 drop contains approx. 7.5 mg CBD
    • »Laboratory tested quality
  • To achieve a possible relaxation-promoting effect, users can take several drops in the evening. It is advantageous to drip the CBD oil directly under the tongue, as the oral mucosa can absorb the ingredients more quickly.

    A quiet evening provides a good basis for a sound and relaxed sleep. Recurring rituals help to bring a regularity to everyday life that allows one to distance oneself from the events of the day. A hot bath, a few drops of CBD and switching off electronic devices can all be part of this evening ritual.

    Quiet and relaxing music or a sleep meditation can support the evening routine. Lying in bed in a dark room and listening to your own breath can also trigger relaxation. Basically, anything that is good for you is allowed here.

    Regarding the dosage of CBD drops with chamomile extract, it is recommended to start with one to two drops. The first effects usually appear within an hour. If these do not occur, the dose can be carefully increased.

  • MCT oil


    Chamomile extract

    ALPINOLS Effect 'Sweet Dreams' with chamomile extract
    FormOil in glass bottle with pipette
    Hemp extractCannabis Sativa Leaf Extract
    Carrier oilCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    Cannabinoidse.g. CBD, CBG, CBN
    THC contentbelow 0.2%
    Number of dropsapprox. 200 in 10 ml
    Total CBD1500 mg
    CBD in %15
    CBD content per drop7,5 mg
    FlavourChamomile and mild hemp taste
    ColourAmber, golden yellow

    Full spectrum CBD oil with chamomile

    The CBD oil from ALPINOLS 'Sweet Dreams' in organic quality is a gentle support with few side effects to help you get into the evening better. It mainly contains the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant.

    Since CBD oil is a full-spectrum extract, all valuable ingredients such as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from hemp are contained in the product.

    Accordingly, all compounds from hemp can develop synergistic effects. Cannabis research calls this the entourage effect. According to studies, the overall spectrum of ingredients is supposed to achieve a better effect than a single substance alone.

    Chamomile - a natural sleep aid

    CBD oil also contains natural camomile extract, which is known for its sleep-promoting effect. Camomile has been traditionally used for sleep problems for a long time. The sleep-promoting ingredient here is the flavonoid (secondary plant substance) apigenin, which binds to certain receptors in the central nervous system and can contribute to the normal function of the nervous system.

  • Largest Bio Suisse certified cultivation with over 200,000 sqm

    Gentle and traditional harvesting by hand

    100 % natural ingredients

    Buy CBD with chamomile in organic quality

    As a quality-conscious supplier, we place particularly high value on sustainable cultivation methods for hemp and follow strictly controlled organic guidelines. The harvesting of each leaf is done by hand.

    To extract the CBD from the hemp, we use the environmentally friendly and gentle CO2 extraction process. This preserves all the plant power and the valuable ingredients.

    Our products are subject to independent and strict controls. The CBD products are analysed both in-house and in an independent laboratory, so that we can offer our customers the highest transparency and quality.

  • 4,7

    Niklas Jung/03.05.2022

    Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich sehr froh über die Produkte und die Abwicklung des Kaufes bin. Kann Alpinols allen nur weiterempfehlen.


    Schnelle Lieferung. CBD-Öl riecht neutral angenehm. Qualitativ hochwertig.

    Katrin Ksionski/16.01.2022

    Die Kosmetik-Produkte für das Gesicht sind von der Konsistenz, vom Duft und von der Art, wie sie von der Haut aufgenommen werden super angenehm und entspannend. Das Körperöl zieht sehr schnell ein, riecht allerdings deutlich nach Hanf. Die Tropfen für schnelleres Ein-und Durchschlafen helfen bei mir sehr gut. Ich schlafe tiefer und länger.

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CBD-oil (15%) with camomile extract, Full Spectrum, 10ml

CBD-oil (15%) with camomile extract, Full Spectrum, 10ml

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