With our CBD products, we rely on the full power of the hemp plant. Quality is our top priority. The Bio Suisse certified fields on which we grow our hemp plants have been cultivated organically by our farmers for over 25 years. This means that the soil does not contain any residues of pesticides, so that the hemp plant can only draw valuable nutrients from the earth.

At ALPINOLS, we also make no compromises when it comes to quality assurance. In addition to our in-house laboratory, all our products are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

You can find the laboratory reports of the independent institute here:

Full Spectrum

Lab report 5% Full Spectrum
Lab report 10% Full Spectrum

Lab report 20% Full Spectrum

Lab report 40% Full Spectrum

Broad Spectrum

Lab report 5% Broad Spectrum
Lab report 10% Broad Spectrum

Lab report 20% Broad Spectrum