Water soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD

ALPINOLS Aqua - Water soluble CBD oil with all ingredients of the plant from Bio Suisse certified cultivation.

Our patented formula ensures that the CBD drops can be dissolved in all liquids without any problems. The water-soluble CBD drops are particularly suitable for beginners.

✓ 100% organic cultivation ✓ good for beginners ✓ 100% Swiss made ✓ water-soluble CBD drops

Water soluble CBD drops are an innovation in the CBD market and offer many advantages over conventional CBD oils. Especially in terms of bioavailability. With the drops "Aqua - CBD water soluble" ALPINOLS offers a CBD product that is very well absorbed and easy to use.

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  1. CBD water soluble: maximum bioavailability thanks to micelle technology
  2. CBD water soluble: production
  3. CBD water soluble: use
  4. Buy CBD water soluble from ALPINOLS

CBD water soluble: maximum bioavailability thanks to micelle technology

In their natural form, cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant are fatty and oily substances that are difficult for the body to absorb.

Even with a high-quality organic CBD oil, the available cannabidiol is only partially absorbed by the oral mucosa. This means that the oral mucosa does not absorb some of the ingredients and they are eventually broken down by the digestive system. To avoid this and to increase the bioavailability, ALPINOLS has made the CBD water soluble.

What does bioavailability mean?

This term, which originates from pharmacology, describes the percentage of an active substance that actually reaches the organism and has an effect there. To measure this, a blood sample is taken to determine how much of the active ingredient is present at any given time. The higher the concentration, the better the absorption in the organism. The information is given as a percentage. If a substance is 100 percent bioavailable, the body can absorb it optimally.

CBD water soluble: production

Genau wie beim CBD Öl erfolgt zunächst die extraction of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the plant. ALPINOLS uses the CO2 extraction process for this, which is particularly environmentally friendly and gentle.

In order to make the hemp extract or CBD water soluble, the patented micelle technology is used. Here, the oily components are coated with a very fine layer that combines with fat on the inside. On the outside, the coating combines with water. This protects the active ingredients so well that they enter the body directly.

How does the micelle technology work?

Micelles are amphiphilic molecules and play an important role in fat digestion. Amphiphilic means that they are both water-loving (hydrophilic) and fat-loving (lipophilic). With the help of micelle technology, the hemp extract is coated with a water soluble shell so that the body can better absorb and process the cannabinoids, which are difficult to dissolve.

CBD water soluble: use

The dosage of the ALPINOLS product "Aqua - CBD water soluble" is the same as recommended for CBD oils. Every person reacts differently to cannabidiol.

Regarding the dosage, it is recommended to start with one to two drops. A noticeable effect is usually seen within one hour. If this is not the case, the dose can be increased the next time.

Buy CBD water soluble from ALPINOLS

For all CBD products, ALPINOLS grows the hemp plants on its own certified organic fields in the Swiss Alps and harvests them gently by hand. The products are therefore 100 percent organic and also vegan. For quality assurance, each batch is analysed in the company's own laboratory as well as in an independent laboratory. The analysis reports are available to everyone, as ALPINOLS attaches great importance to transparency.

Neben den wasserlöslichen CBD Tropfen bietet ein dieser Onlineshop ein essentielles Angebot an hochwertigen CBD products. Von der CBD cosmetics wie CBD Face Cream bis zum CBD Massage Oil, findet sich CBD oil for cats und CBD for dogs oder CBD effect oils im ALPINOLS Repertoire.


Is CBD water soluble?

Cannabinoids like CBD are not water soluble substances. They are, however, soluble in alcohol and fat, so that the organism can only absorb them with difficulty. To increase the viscosity, the CBD extract is dissolved in an oil, for example hemp oil. Besides CBD oil, however, there is water soluble CBD. More precisely, the extract is coated with the help of micelle technology, which improves the absorption.

For which complaints is CBD oil good?

CBD products such as CBD oil, water soluble CBD etc. are used for various complaints, such as anxiety and restlessness, headaches, inflammations or even pain. However, CBD does not have a pain-relieving effect like a painkiller. However, it can help to make the pain more bearable.