CBD oil for dogs?

Tom tried it out with Aussie Nero and we interviewed him

Nero is an Australian Shepherd, one year old, very sweet and playful. From time to time, however, he is somewhat restless, has Stress and sometimes suffers from inflammation and digestive problems. That's why Tom has tried ALPINOL'S CBD oil for dogs. To Start with the 3% ige (actually more suitable for cats), but then soon the 6% Oil, which he uses four times a day at Nero.

ALPINOLS: Tom, Why did you want to try CBD oil for your dog Nero?

Tom: I am a medical Cannabis Patient myself and benefit enormously from CBD products and Co., so I really wanted to test CBD oil with Nero. What helps me can not be bad for my dog.

ALPINOLS: What was important to you when choosing the CBD product?

Tom: It was important to me that it was a qualitatively high-quality full spectrum extract acts and it is also important to me that it comes from organic cultivation, preferably from Europe. Since I have been dealing with the Cannabis plant for years and know how relevant the origin of the extracts is, these were the most important prerequisites for me.

ALPINOLS: How did you give Nero the Oil and how much of it?

Tom: For the Start I started very low and for a period of 2 months I used the 3% oil with 6 drops daily, because Nero was still a puppy and they say that the gradual increase is best suited. Because of Nero's weight and size, I quickly switched to the 6% Alpinol for dogs and currently give 4 drops a day.

ALPINOLS: How did Nero react?

Tom: It was amazing that his inflammation between the hind legs, which was caused by grasses, subsided quite quickly, after about 1-2 weeks. I had previously used a special rinse from the vet, but it was less successful than the CBD oil. Nero's diarrhea has also been regulated. Here I can not say exactly whether CBD has caused this, but it went as it were with the intake better. When Training in impulse-control Nero also has really big Progress has been made and is generally more balanced.

ALPINOLSHow is Nero now and would you recommend CBD for animals?

Tom: Nero is doing great, we stay with CBD oil and I can definitely recommend it. Please keep it up!


Thank you, Tom and Nero!

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