CBD Dogs

CBD Dogs

CBD oil dogs from Bio Suisse certified cultivation.

Our CBD products for dogs are specially formulated for your pet. They contain only natural ingredients and no flavours.

✓ CBD for animals ✓ Salmon oil from sustainable fishing

CBD is a chemical component of hemp. It is increasingly used in animal products. Dogs have an endogenous endocannabinoid system with which CBD can interact.

CBD for dogs is well suited for stressful situations and inflammations. But CBD can also have a balancing effect in everyday situations. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect on dogs. However, the use of CBD oil for dogs should be discussed with the vet.

Table of content

  1. CBD oil dogs: Effect
  2. CBD oil dogs: Absorption into the body
  3. CBD oil dogs: Side effects
  4. CBD oil dogs: Use
  5. CBD oil dogs: Buy in organic quality

CBD oil dogs: Effect

Basically, the effect of CBD in dogs has not yet been sufficiently investigated.

Every body - whether in animals or humans - is unique. Therefore, the natural effect can be individual for each dog.

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that can interact with this system. It has so-called cannabinoid receptors to which the CBD can dock.

The cannabinoid receptors to which the substance docks in dogs are located throughout the body. CBD thus interacts with receptors of the immune system, the brain and the organs. It regulates many of the dog's bodily functions.

How quickly CBD oil works in dogs has not yet been conclusively investigated. It is recommended to use it over a longer period of time.

Note: We recommend that the use of CBD oil in dogs is discussed with a veterinarian.

CBD oil dogs: Absorption into the body

Das CBD wird grundsätzlich über die mucous membranes of the dog aufgenommen, kann aber auch über die Anwendung auf der Haut in den Körper gelangen. Hier wird es durch die bloodstream to the cannabinoid receptors gebracht.

CBD Öl sorgt bei Hunden (wie auch bei Menschen und Katzen) nicht für eine berauschende Wirkung. Tierbesitzer müssen sich also keine Sorgen machen, denn CBD Öl macht das Tier nicht high. Zwar enthalten qualitativ hochwertige CBD Öle, sogenannte full spectrum CBD oils, auch THC, allerdings liegt der THC content is below the permitted amount und kann sogar den Gesamteffekt des CBD Öles fördern. Die volle Pflanzenkraft.

Even a low CBD content can cause an effect in dogs. Every creature has an individual body and will therefore react individually to the intake of cannabinoids. The percentage of CBD serves as a guide: A CBD oil for dogs should have between 3% and 6% CBD content.

An important note for the use of CBD in dogs: Certain breeds of dogs with an MDR1 genetic defect should not be given CBD. This defect lacks a certain protein that belongs to the blood-brain barrier. CBD passes the blood-brain barrier, therefore severe poisoning can occur. Whether this defect is present can be determined by a blood test.

Eine Liste der Rassen mit dem MDR1 Gendefekt findet sich auch here.

CBD oil dogs: Side effects

Since every dog is unique and research is in its infancy, there is no clear statement on the dosage and side effects of CBD oil in dogs. In general, CBD is considered to be well tolerated by dogs.

Mögliche Nebenwirkungen von CBD Öl für Hunde sind:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting - straining the gastrointestinal tract
  • Fatigue
Oft hängt dies mit einer zu hohen Dosierung zusammen. Meist hilft es dann schon, die Dosierung beim Hund wieder herabzusetzen.

Nevertheless, the use and dosage should be discussed with a veterinarian. CBD should also not be administered to pregnant dogs. The use of CBD in combination with medication should also be discussed with a veterinarian.

Basically, it is important to find out individually whether the use of CBD oil makes sense for your own animal. It is therefore important to observe the intake of CBD.

CBD oil dogs: Use

Since dogs also have an endocannabinoid system like humans, CBD is also absorbed similarly. However, as it is often a little more difficult to convince pets to take it, there are various tips for its use. CBD is best absorbed through the dog's oral mucosa. The drops can be easily placed in the mouth on the lips, from where the dog can absorb it. Alternatively, it can also be mix into the feed. Für besonders schwierige Vierbeiner gibt es zum Beispiel auch unser Bio CBD-Öl 6% mit salmon oil. Hier ist der taste meist angenehmer für Hunde.

Of course, the application of CBD does not work miracles and is not always effective. Unfortunately, there are still very few studies that have investigated the use of CBD oil in dogs.

CBD oil dogs: Buy in organic quality

When buying CBD oils for dogs, pay attention to the quality of the oil. The oil should be of organic quality and gently extracted.

Sind Zusatzstoffe enthalten, sind natürliche Zutaten sinnvoll. ALPINOLS verwendet für das CBD Öl für Hunde mit Lachsgeschmack zum Beispiel kein Aroma. Das Lachsöl ist ein ebenso hochwertiges Öl in Bio Qualität. Bei Hunden ist bereits eine sehr niedrige CBD Konzentration wie 6% CBD Gehalt ausreichend. Neben CBD Öl für Hunde, bietet ALPINOLS auch CBD oil for cats, CBD oils für die Hundehalter und CBD with additional ingredients im Onlineshop an.