CBD for women and why men also benefit from it

“If I say that out loud, no one will believe me!”, we have already heard about the Your Days CBD oil, which is made by women for women. Find out here why the Your Days CBD oil is just right for women and also for men.

Period pain is really not a fine thing. Our uterus needs a hug. And because the girls from the online magazine of hearts "im gegenteil" were no longer in the mood for the classic chemical club, they have teamed up with us and brought the "Your Days" CBD oil on the market.

Your period pain deserves a hug with CBD!

CBD is the trend we are seeing everywhere right now. But we all still don't really know what CBD exactly is. All you ever hear about is hemp, hemp extract, cannabis and THC - and doesn't that get you high?

Don't worry! CBD itself has no psychoactive properties and even the legal THC content of less than 0.02% cannot get you high. So CBD is legal and not to be equated with THC. For all those who still prefer to do without THC, we also offer THC-free CBD oils. For us it is certain, CBD is our new companion when the days are too tense again!

CBD and sex - the next big trend

Cannabis research is still in its infancy and many claims are not scientifically proven. To find out what CBD oil can do for us, we have to experiment ourselves. In the team there was also already one or the other organic tampon with CBD-oil during the period. Now we come to the point: also for sex CBD is now the next experiment.

Our pelvic region has a large number of nerves. They travel along the legs and spine. This is where the endocannabinoid receptors are located that can interact with CBD . So our pelvic region is certainly worth experimenting with CBD-oil. What happens when you use a few CBD drops of our organic CBD oil for foreplay?

Sex should be relaxing - and CBD oil can support you. Experiment with your erogenous zones! Our CBD massage oil can also be used for an exciting massage, if you want to do something good for your skin at the same time.

Which CBD product should I try?

CBD oils are very trendy right now. However, it is sometimes difficult not to lose track of all the CBD products.

  • im gegenteil x ALPINOLS: The Your Days CBD oil from our cooperation with im gegenteil is your companion during your period. Read all about the personal dosage and application of the "im gegenteil" ladies here. With heart against pain. <3
  • For the start and the full plant power we recommend an organic full spectrum CBD oil 10%. Here you have all the components of the hemp plant combined in one CBD oil!
  • If you prefer not to have THC in it, there are also THC-free organic CBD oils.
  • The CBD and jojoba skin oil is perfect for dreamy pampering moments, for two or just for you.

We hope we could help you and you can discover your love for (or with) CBD . Have fun trying it out!

Anni (below) and Jule from im gegenteil