The Legend - water soluble

  • Increased bioavailability for the body, approx. 4-6 times more efficient
  • Dissolves in all liquids
  • Patented micelle technology
  • THC-free 2.5% Broad Spectrum Extract
  • Ingredients: water, organic Broad Spectrum hemp extract, gum arabic, curcuminoids, vitamin C
  • Contains all cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids
  • Made in Switzerland and cultivated according to Bio Suisse certified methods
  • Completely and persistently soluble in water
  • Recipe consists of 100% natural products, no alcohol added

The Legend

Tommy Chong x ALPINOLS
Our innovation: explore these patented drops based on micelle technology. It dissolves in any liquid and due to the increased bioavailability, the CBD can take effect in the body within 30 minutes.


Add to the drink of your choice
The drops can be added to any liquid and it is the perfect alternative for those who don’t like to get CBD under their tongue. A small drop dosage is recommended at the beginning of the application, add more drops step by step until the desired effect sets in. Store at room temperature. Shelf life 6 months after opening.

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