Matteo, Co-Founder and CEO OF ALPINOLS:

"It is our mission to make high-quality Swiss CBD accessible to everyone; for a balanced, stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Trust, research, innovation, quality and transparency are therefore the most important values for us - after all, our health is always the priority."

What if a single drop makes the difference?

With more than 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation – and over 25 years experience in organic farming –, we have learned that plants are very similar to humans: the more care and love they receive, the better they grow. That's why we harvest every leaf by hand, use no foreign substances whatsoever and analyse our products both in-house and with an independent laboratory - guaranteeing consistency, transparency and the highest quality.

This is us

We are children of nature, we are hands-on, and we love we believe in the natural, valuable resources of our earth – therefore, it is our passion to enrich the world with high quality CBD products manufactured in Switzerland.

Our goals

Hemp is a product of our time, although the useful and medicinal plant itself is thousands of years old. We have made it our goal to provide information about the incredible versatility of hemp, and thus finally free it from its image as a "stoner plant".

In our in-house laboratory, we not only work on innovations, but also constantly check the quality of all our products. The laboratory analysis of an independent third-party laboratory are also available on this website under the individual products. We are proud that our products come from pure organic Suisse cultivation, and from the largest farmer with this certification. In this way we not only help the environment, but also you – and that is the most important thing for us.

Roland, Chief Product Officer:

"I like to compare hemp to wine. One can taste good cultivation, care and passion, recognise it by its pure colour and perceive its full power by its smell."

Picked with love

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