CBD Shop Berlin: ALPINOLS Flagship Store

Would you like to buy CBD drops in Berlin?

Then you are at the right address in the Reinhardtstraße. Here you will find our Berlin flagship store. The store is located in the center of Berlin near the German Parliament and Berlin Central Station.

Here we give you personal advice about CBD, how to choose the right product and you can take your oil or cream directly with you.

In our store you will find all the products also available in our online store. CBD oils in the form of drops and CBD skin care as a cream, massage oil or CBD serum.

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CBD Berlin: come in person or buy online

In addition to our CBD flagship store in Berlin Mitte, all products are also available in our ALPINOLS online store.

The advantage of buying online: We have no closing times in the online store and you do not have to go out the door. Browse through the products and find what you need around the clock.

The CBD products can be ordered from all over Europe, free of shipping costs. The delivery time is short - between three to five days.

In our CBD Online Shop it is worthwhile to stop by, because in addition to the product selection, we always have special promotions with great discounts for our customers. To stay up to date about our promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

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CBD Berlin
CBD Shop Berlin

CBD Berlin

There are a large number of CBD stores in Berlin. Most of them are located in Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

The stores' offerings often include a wide range of CBD oils of different CBD brands, concentrations, and additives.

At the ALPINOLS flagship store in Mitte, we offer exclusively our own CBD products.

From CBD cosmetics to CBD oils in various concentrations, here we sell products whose quality is guaranteed:

Our products are always grown, produced and strictly controlled in the same way.

Organic quality from Switzerland

Our hemp cultivation is carried out according to very strict guidelines of ecological management in Switzerland. The harmony with nature is for us in the foremost place. Therefore, ALPINOLS is a genuine organic quality.


High CBD concentration

Our CBD oils are available in low and very high concentrations. A highlight from our product range is the Full Spectrum CBD oil with 40% CBD content, which we produce using a special process.

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CBD Berlin: Oils & Cosmetics

We have a selected range of CBD oils and CBD cosmetics in our CBD Shop in Berlin. These include, among others:

• Full Spectrum CBD Oil (<0.2% THC) with concentrations between 5 % and 40 % CBD content

• Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (low THC) with concentrations between 5 % and 25 % CBD content

• CBD Serum for facial care

• CBD Face Cream - the all-rounder for day and night

• CBD Massage Oil

CBD Berlin: Quality, Origin & Cultivation

We grow the hemp plants for our high-quality CBD products on our own fields in the Swiss Alps. The plants grow at about 500 meters of sunny altitude in the fresh mountain air. In the process, we cultivate indoor fields as well as outdoor fields.

The cultivation is done according to Swiss organic farming guidelines - from seedling to harvest. We use neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers or artificial soils for hemp cultivation. Therefore, our products have real organic quality.

After the harvest, an environmentally friendly extraction of cannabinoids from the plants and the production of the final products takes place. The cultivation and production are completely in our hands. All these characteristics make us a leading company in the European cannabis industry.

Where can I buy CBD in Berlin?

You can buy CBD at our flagship store in the Berlin Mitte district. Here you get a wide selection of CBD oils and selected CBD cosmetics.

What is the cost of CBD oil?

CBD oil prices depend on the concentration of CBD in the oil. CBD drops with a low concentration are cheaper than those that have a high concentration. Also, you need to know what kind of hemp extract is added to the oil. There are three types of CBD oils:

• Mono Spectrum (contains CBD as an isolated substance)

• Broad Spectrum (low THC hemp extract)

• Full Spectrum (hemp extract with THC)

Oils that contain only CBD are usually cheaper and are called Mono Spectrum oil.They only contain CBD (isolate) - sometimes only synthetic CBD. A Broad Spectrum oil uses a hemp extract from which the THC is removed. The Full Spectrum oil contains all the important cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Accordingly, the price for Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum oils is higher, which is justified by the better quality.

Is CBD legal?

The CBD oils from ALPINOLS have a THC content of less than 0.2% and thus comply with the maximum legal value for Germany. Our ALPINOLS Broad Spectrum CBD oil even has the THC almost completely removed from the hemp extract during production by means of a special process.