What are terpenes? And why are they supposed to be important to me? The silent strong heroes in the hemp

More and more questions reach us on the topic of terpenes, so we dedicate this contribution (time) to them, because the flavourings do not only make us happy, but also have many more characteristics to read about!

Think of hemp or cannabis-so the scientific and/or cannabis. latin name-then comes a safe THC and CBD in the head, right? Right, because these two ingredients are the best known of the plant. However, it is often still new that there are many other important ingredients in the hemp. In addition to CBD, there are more than 80 cannabinoids, which are still to be explored in large part. From some-such as CBG-you already know much about the positive properties. But let's not be silent now, it's all about Terpene. They are not unique to find in hemp alone, you know them from numerous flavor oils, from smelling to rosemary, lemons and many other plants.

Without terpene it's quite a path

We are still right at the beginning of research when it comes to cannabis and the healthy properties of the different ingredients, but one thing is already certain: Terpene is playing a really big role when it comes to relaxation and inflammation. But more like that. Way forward: Terpene gives hemp the aroma, the significant smell and taste is due to it! This means, in reverse, that products that taste strong and, of course, according to hemp, are in most cases very natural and healthy. So better we look forward to the slightly sharp demise of a CBD oil. When I think about how much I have to do in a day with terpenes, I have to say that without it, it would be quite a path. This starts already in the morning when I give myself a really big splash of fresh lemon or lime in my water. That gives me a morning sour kick. In the evening I then use my lavender oil on the pillow to come down and in the shower my mint oil is quite popular, that I let it evaporate together with the warm steam on the walls-makes the nose free and smells pleasant.

And that's exactly why we love terpenes, they make us munter, relaxed or let us breathe. In the aroma oil therapy they are the most important element and also in hemp they are silent heroes with intense flavor.

Together instead of lonely

In the case of a CBD oil, therefore, important is also to be given to the terpenes eight, the higher the terpene profile, the more benefits for the body and also the effect is reinforced, because terpenes play together with the other ingredients on the different receptors in the body and act together better than lonely. By the way, this is called "Entourage Effect". It is precisely for this reason that the attention is paid to the terpenes and yes, the whole thing is no longer mild in taste, but it helps. And why is it that some CBD products get more and other less terpene or none at all?

This has to do with the fact that Terpene is quite sensitive. So if you extract CBD from the hemp plant, you have to get terpenes, extract them cold before, put them aside, and then add them back to the final product. Just because terpenes break at too much heat. If they do not have these special extraction possibilities during production, then the terpenes are broken. This methodology is, of course, also more expensive than, for example, the production of a CBD isolate, which consists only of-as the name suggests-CBD and contains no more ingredients.

On its own, the ALPINOLS terpene profile is the largest we have discovered so far in comparison. This is shown in the laboratory analyses and the direct comparison. That's why I say with bitter or intense CBD oils: Congratulations, then you got a few really great terpenes! By the way, my water with lemon I supplement in the morning with water-soluble CBD: sour and bitter makes fun (and is healthy)!

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