How do I dose CBD oil correctly?

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Everyone starts small?! This rather so succinct saying is not even so wrong when it comes to finding the right CBD dosage for yourself as a Starter. For many beginners, the information on the labels or the dosage recommendations from the network are confusing.

It is important to first make yourself understood that you generally can not really overdose. Sure: please don't drink the whole bottle to ex and hopp! But it is not a Problem if you do not calculate the droplets from the Pipette exactly to the milligram and drizzle under the tongue.

How to calculate the CBD concentration:

Example: A 10% ALPINOLS oil contains 1000mg of CBD in 10ml of liquid, one drop of which corresponds to 0.05 ml and has 5mg of CBD. A whole bottle contains about 200 to 250 drops

Thus, one drop of 20% CBD oil corresponds to 10mg of CBD.

In case of Stress or inner unrest, our Team will find a Starting dosage from 10 to 15 mg twice daily ideally, we increase these gradually every 3 days by another 5 mg, that is, a drop if the desired effect has not been achieved. This so-called" Step-op method " is recommended for every CBD Starter.

For insomnia, we observed a Starting dosage from 20 to 30 mg as optimal-half an hour before bedtime. If the effect should not occur as desired, also applies here: increase by 5 mg gradually and do not exceed 100 mg per day.

Make sure to take more drops for acute pain and use CBD regularly 1 to 2 times a day for stress disorders or chronic complaints. Please consult a doctor of your confidence if you have any questions or doubts.

(This recommendation is for Information purposes only and not for medical purposes, in case of doubt you should consult a doctor)

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