An itch that robs sleep

Nico suffers from a strong expression of skin eczema all over the body,Atopic Dermatitis, so the diagnosis. We want to tell his story here, because Nico has approached us and wants to encourage others.

We received Nico's first message via Instagram, it was photos showing his hands. Hands of an adult, 40-year-old man, but with scaly, torn-up areas that stretch sore over the back of his hand. Diagnosis: atopic Dermatitis, die most common, chronic skin disease. It meets people in all phases of life and requires individually tailored therapy concepts. The skin of the sufferers is highly sensitive and irritated. Especially under Stress, but also due to certain clothing such as wool, sweat and environmental influences – such as exhaust gases or cigarette smoke –the skin appearance worsens. The itching is the worst Symptom, because it often does not let the patients sleep and robs them Quality of life – in bad cases it goes so far that only cortisone and antidepressants help. Successful therapies are rare and very challenging.

For 20 years my hands didn't look like this anymore

But the second message we received from Nico made us breathe a sigh of relief. It was a picture again, but there was nothing left to see of the wounds. Underneath it was: "my hands to ALPINOLS".

"For 20 years, my hands didn't look so good," he writes. We wanted to track him down and asked him for his consent to answer and publish a few questions:

ALPINOLS: Dear Nico, first of all thank you for sharing your experiences with us. This certainly includes a little courage. Can you tell us more about your illness?

Nico F.: Since my childhood I suffer from eczema all over my body, they are very present especially on my palms, and since 1 year the eczema began to spread on the back of my hands as well as on the forearms. I am also exposed to Stress and anxiety. The diagnosis isAtopic Dermatitis without having identified the allergens.

ALPINOLS:Can you tell us how these problems affect your daily life?

Nico F.: These eczema affect me a lot every day, whether in the home, at work, during sports or simply when washing. Ich has been living with the disease for over twenty years-with time-outs of only about one week per year.

ALPINOLS:How have you treated them so far?

Nico F.:Doctors and specialists have always prescribed corticosteroids in local use without really treating me. (Note. d. editorial:Corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory drugs that affect the immune system and are also used in organ transplants, for example)

ALPINOLS:How did you come to ALPINOLS?

Nico F.:Via internet research I searched for CBD from Switzerland and for the word Bio.

ALPINOLS:What ALPINOLS products have you taken and how often?

Nico F.:I take 5 drops in the morning and evening CBD oil 15%and I use The Dreamer Jojoba oil with CBD morning and evening on my hands.

ALPINOLS:When and how did you notice the first results?

Nico F.:For eczema, I had positive results from the third day, for Stress, I only noticed it later. In situations where I would have been stressed before, I was calmer.

ALPINOLS:How do you feel today?

Nico F.:I feel much better now and am relieved to have found a natural treatment.My friend discovered my hands, which she had always known were red and swollen, brand new.Many thanks to the entire ALPINOLS Team.

ALPINOLS: We thank you and wish you all the best!

Photos: private, Nico F., Switzerland

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