Breakfast in the hemp field

Our last harvest-ankle deep in the Earth and overjoyed.

Up to the neck in hemp, so we stuck in Wind and weather and beamed all over the face. But first of all from the beginning ... every autumn the hemp crop is on, at least on the open field. In our greenhouse, harvesting is more flexible. The young plants are planted outdoors every spring, at the summer solstice they are in full bloom and usually in October our hemp can be harvested. We still do this traditionally by hand, because that way we can Select leaflets of the elongated female hemp plants immediately to obtain the highest quality. This time, most of our ALPINOLS Team, the majority of whom actually sit in the office, helped and tackled.


At 7 o'clock in the morning we took the train from Zurich in the direction of Kerzers in the canton of Fribourg to our 15 hectare fields. Armed with plant scissors, rubber boots and thick jackets, everyone from the founder to the trainee trudged through the muddy paths – just today it had rained through the entire night. But that didn't stop anyone. On the contrary, we were looking forward to the day in the open field. Although none of us is used to real physical work, but since we all consider ourselves rather sporty, we were confident. Anticipated: most of us complained a day later, considerable muscle soreness! But luckily we didn't know anything about that at that time.

Hemp harvest Hemp harvest

When harvesting, the expert explained to us, it is important to harvest only the most beautiful stems with the valuable leaves and cut off about the length of a forearm. A plant has dozens of such stems and so you work your way from plant to plant and from stem to stem. One becomes quite calm and eventually only hears the sounds of Nature, The Snapping of the wet earth under the rubber boots and the metallic noise at the section of the stems. Almost meditative, or even without “almost” – it was Meditation.

Hemp on the heart

After the first two hours of work, we were all quite frozen, but happy with the good air and the unmistakable hemp smell. Hemp is also good for the heart. So we stood with red faces and hot tea and a Sandwich in hand on the field – breakfast in hemp. While tons of baskets of our green Gold were picked up by trucks to get the crop ready for CBD extraction. One plant brings about 10 vials of our CBD oil. But until that golden oil is bottled are still some steps necessary. Of course, continue harvesting vigorously, which we did again after our short break. Quite exhausting, we had to find out after about 7 hours of field work. The mud was now so high that it slowly but surely penetrated into the rubber boots and our trousers were heavy, soaked in the rain. And yet we were all one: "we want to do that again next year!”

Hemp harvest Hemp harvest

The harvest made us happy – admittedly, standing in the field every day would be a completely different number for most of us. We can't really imagine that, because we love our actual Job too much. But every now and then we tackle and help, scan the plant exactly, put the good stems into the basket, separate the bad ones out, instead of Into The “Crown”, that's what we want to repeat.


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Liebes Alpinols Team,

Nero & ich sind ganz neidisch und hätten euch gerne geholfen.

Grüße aus Hanau

Nero & Tom

Thomas Müller August 14, 2020

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