The advantages and disadvantages of taking different CBD products

Oils, capsules and co. What are the differences?

In Europe, CBD oral oils are the most commonly used CBD products. Use under the tongue is easy and with the short duration of action at any time of the day. Of course, you should not drink or brush your teeth immediately afterwards, otherwise it is perfectly integrated into everyday life: CBD oil is easy and customized to suit your needs, fits in any bag and can be taken at any time on the way. But what alternatives are there to classic oils and what advantages or disadvantages arise?

According to research, CBD oils are more effective when it comes to so-called full spectrum products, with all the important ingredients of the plant. They are equipped with carrier oils to regulate the products to the desired CBD concentration. In many cases carrier oils are e.g. hemp seed oil or MCT (which unfortunately mostly includes palm oil) also sunflower seed oil or other known oils can be mixed. By ingesting the mucous membranes, the extract can enter the bloodstream directly through the mouth and develop its effect.

CBD oil intake

A slightly earthy, bitter taste here testifies to a natural product of high quality, as the terpenes are so identifiable as aromatic substances of the plant. And these, in turn, are important for the human organism. The CBD interacts with the other plant substances, activates the body's own endocannabinoid receptors and brings balance back into our system.

Alternatives for gourmets?

Another well-known CBD alternative is capsules that are taken with liquid just like other tablets. They are tasteless and easy to swallow. The disadvantage with capsules is the longer duration of action, the effect is usually very delayed compared to the CBD oil. CBD capsules are therefore less recommended for acute symptoms. Some users also do not want to swallow capsules for personal reasons.

A true CBD alternative is water soluble dropswhich can be given in any beverage or can also be used in salad sauces and soups, and are already very popular in many cocktails or Wellness-Drinksmind. The slightly sour taste is perfect for sour drinks and savoury salad juices. CBD cocktails are already offered by connoisseurs in many bars and especially in combination with vodka or gin they taste delightfully refreshing. Gourmets can put a few drops into their gin tonic or homemade lemonade. The advantage is the increased bioavailability for the body. But what exactly does that mean?

Bioavailability defines the extent and speed at which an active substance enters the bloodstream. Studies indicate values of 10-20% in oils. With ALPINOLS Aqua For example, the values are 90-95%. So if you don't like the hemp flavor, you can simply put the water-soluble CBD drops in your favorite drink.

How's it work?

Es gibt auf dem Markt verschiedene wasserlösliche Produkte, manche sind mit Alkohol gemischt, um das Öl in kleinen Kügelchen im Wasser verteilt zu halten. Oft ist das vergleichbar mit der Zubereitung einer Salat-Sauce: lässt man diese eine Weile stehen bilden sich Fettaugen. In anderen, hochwertigeren Rezepturen wird das Öl myzelliert – die öligen Teilchen werden mit einem feinen Mantel überzogen. Der Überzug verbindet sich auf der Innenseite mit Fett und auf der Außenseite mit Wasser. The principle is based on the combination of substances. Der geniale Nebeneffekt: so geschützt gelangen die Wirkstoffe einfach und auf direktem Weg in den Körper. This microwave technology is patented and is applied to ALPINOLS.

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