Our new favorite Drink: CBD-infused Wellness Tonic

CBD in the drink? Oh yes, this is really fun, especially in sour or bitter drinks. We tell you our current quarantine favorite recipe for daytime. A real energy Boost ready in 5 minutes.

Like so many others, we are currently in the Home Office. Nevertheless, we remain and are constantly in exchange with each other, be it for the jour fixe or yes, sometimes for the virtual coffee Gossip. Because what is missing at the moment-during the Coronakrise-is now and then to drink a coffee together with the favorite colleague and just over the last weekend or the new movie to snack. Instead of coffee, however, something else is currently in high demand.

Against "daily greets the Marmot mood" helps just this new favorite Drink, which is ready in a few minutes. Whether limp and tired, if sometimes the focus is missing or the night was sleepless as well as simply because you want to do something good for yourself: this drink is just the right thing! We are Fans of the healthy energy Booster.

The ingredients for 1 large glass:

1 half lime or lemon

1 Teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Knife Tip Cinnamon

Mint, basil or rosemary

1-2 drops ALPINOLS Aqua

1 Piece Ginger

Tip: If you want to enjoy the drink as an after-work reward with alcohol, simply add Gin or vodka.


Squeeze the lime or lemon into a large glass with hot water and mix with the apple cider vinegar and cinnamon. Cut ginger into fine strips and add. ALPINOLS Aqua drizzle into it and finally pour the washed mint leaves into the glass as decoration. With or without ice cubes – enjoy warm or cold.

Enjoy trying it out!

CBD Drink

Patented Technology

By the way: Our ALPINOLS Aqua completely dissolves in all liquids, and you you can also put it in other drinks. It tastes best in sour or bitter Drinks. So it is also very tasty in beer, in herbal tea or simply in sparkling water with lemon. Due to the high bioavailability (defines the extent and speed at which an active substance enters the bloodstream) of the water-soluble CBD drops, the effect occurs faster.

There are various water-soluble products on the market, some with

Alcohol mixed to keep the oil distributed in small balls in the water. This is often comparable to the preparation of a salad Sauce: if you leave it standing for a while, fat eyes form.

What is different with us?

In our formulation, the Oil is myzelliert in a patented process (Micelle technology), the oily particles are coated with a fine coat. The coating combines on the inside with grease and on the outside with water. The principle is based on compound of the substances. The ingenious side effect: thus protected, the active ingredients enter the body easily and directly.

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