Why and How Do People Choose and Use CBD Products?

Ein Gastbeitrag aus England: CBD is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are choosing to incorporate it into their lifestyle. We take a look at the different reasons customers choose to use CBD and what they find important when they are looking for a product.

What are the top reasons for using CBD?

While some have unfairly called CBD a ‘fad’, it is clear that there are a number of legitimate reasons for choosing to use it. Many people have found it to bring some sort of relief or balance to their lives. We outline some of the most popular reasons for using CBD, based on available research.

Pain relief

CBD oil is thought to be highly beneficial in treating a range of painful conditions. While the research is still in its early phases, many are confident that it could be helpful for certain individuals with arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other conditions.

A 2019 consumer survey by CBD-intel found that pain relief was the most popular reason for using CBD in the UK (50%), Germany (38%) and France (32%). Another survey, the ‘EU CBD Consumer Report: 2019’ by New Frontier Data, found that 40% of respondents across Europe cited ‘pain management’ as their reason for using CBD.

Stress relief

Many of us are dealing with stress in our daily lives, whether it’s related to work, personal relationships or global situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

One survey found that stress reduction was the second most popular reason for CBD usage*, while it was the third most popular reason for respondents in another survey**.

General relaxation

Not all of us suffer from a specific physical or mental health condition but we may still need help relaxing! Surveys in Europe have found that this is another of the top three reasons for people using CBD.

In fact, one report found that 34% of respondents indicate relaxation as a reason for choosing to use CBD**. It really is important for people to chill out every now and again.

Similarly, a survey by Consumer Reports in the US found that 37% of people were using CBD to reduce stress or help them to relax, with 63% finding it to be very effective.

Relief from anxiety symptoms

Anxiety disorders affect a large number of people – Generalised Anxiety Disorder, for example, is estimated to affect up to 5% of the UK population.

It is not surprising, then, that this was the third most popular reason for CBD usage in the UK, with 16% of respondents giving it as an answer. It is slightly lower in France and Germany, at 9% and 5% respectively*.

How often do consumers use CBD?

One survey found that 83% of people use CBD more than once per day, which shows that regular use is popular*.

Research has also found that CBD is most often consumed in the evening (46%), followed by the morning (31%). The most common dosage is less than 5mg (29%) but nearly one-fifth of respondents were unaware of how much CBD they consume per serving**.

It is believed that the Covid-19 pandemic might have an effect on how often people are choosing to use CBD. A survey by The Brightfield Group found that 49% of ‘Millenial’ and ‘Generation Z’ consumers planned on using more CBD during the Covid-19 crisis period.

What is important to customers choosing CBD?

You can mainly work out what will be important to CBD consumers based on common sense: it’s to do with how the product is made and what is contained in it.


Quality is important to consumers because they want a product that will actually work for their needs and is putting something organic and natural into their body. A survey in Europe found that it is the primary concern for the people when choosing a CBD product, with 75% of respondents stating this as a purchase decision**.

Lab reports

Another related purchase decision given by 70% of respondents is the presence of contaminants**. This can be determined by a product’s Certificate of Analysis or lab report. This shows the importance of being transparent and honest with customers about what is in the product, as this is something they will take into account when buying CBD.

THC content

Another factor that people take into account is the THC content. 58% of respondents quoted THC content as being an important decision factor when they are choosing CBD**. Some may want to avoid THC completely and others will want to ensure their products are legal.

So, there we have an overview of some of the reasons behind consumer decisions to use CBD and choose certain CBD products over others! It is clear that the relief of pain and stress remain high priorities, while determining quality is essential for those purchasing a particular CBD product.

This article was written by James Storie-Pugh from Mellow Store – the UK’s online CBD marketplace which stocks high-quality CBD brands including ALPINOLS.

*Figures used from 2019 consumer survey by CBD-intel.

** Figures used from ‘EU CBD Consumer Report: 2019’ by New Frontier Data.

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