Tommy Chong: "Not high, but cured"


Hollywood legend Tommy Chong has teamed up with us at ALPINOLS to develop 3 new CBD products.

We asked the 82-year-old Grammy winner, comedian (of Cheech and Chong fame) actor (the wild 70s) and cannabis activist from Los Angeles what he thinks about Europe and why he advises everyone to take CBD oils regularly.

ALPINOLS: Tommy, nice to see you on the video call. We say hello to Los Angeles from our greenhouse in the canton of Friborg/Switzerland!

Tommy Chong: Wow! (sees the hemp plants in the background), Wow! (sees the hemp plants in the background), I can hardly wait to visit you as soon as it works again (editor’s note: due to the corona measures, Tommy Chong cannot leave the US at the time of the interview). I love Europe and Switzerland.

ALPINOLS: Yes, we look forward to seeing you! Until then, there is Swiss CBD as consolation.

Tommy Chong: Yes, I use the CBD oil every day. I even put a few drops in my shampoo and recently my doctor said she saw new hairs growing. I’m 82 now and I’m getting new hair (laughs).

CBD has so many benefits, all of which we don't even know yet. Research is finding that out little by little. For me, CBD is also reassuring. I had cancer surgery with everything you can imagine: Radiation, Chemo... Then I started taking CBD on top of everything else. A week later I was at the gym and started working out again, CBD helped calm my mind.

ALPINOLS: That is exactly why we do what we do with this special plant, it is just wonderful!

Tommy Chong: Yes, it is! And CBD doesn't get you high, it cures. My wife doesn't tolerate THC very well and she doesn't like it much, CBD is what she swears by. We are so lucky to be in this business because CBD puts smiles on faces, I've seen it!

ALPINOLS: Put a smile on your face, that’s nice ...!

Tommy Chong: Yes, the problem many have is that they can't live well in the moment or they have anxiety too. CBD can help you find yourself in the moment. Cannabis has truly changed my life!

ALPINOLS: Thanks Tommy, that is so great to hear, and we can’t wait to meet you here in Switzerland soon!


The cooperation has resulted in 3 new products.

The Legend Full-Spectrum Oil with Organic Hemp Seed Oil

The Legend water soluble CBD drops with turmeric and vitamin C

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