With heart and CBD against period pain

Finally here: We have produced a menstrual oil with im gegenteilCBD The hand-picked, cold-pressed and vegan Deine Tage organic CBD oil by im gegenteil x ALPINOLS is finally on the market and helps everyone with period pain to get through their period much better. Ciao pain, upset and pills, hello relaxed period life!

It's hard to describe period pain (also often called PMS) to someone who doesn't know it. Partly because they vary in severity: depending on the day, but also depending on the month, it can be different. Sometimes it's just a little bumpy like driving on a dirt road, but on bad days it feels (most likely) like your intestines are being knotted together by pulling hard while mini-bombs burst in there and mousetraps snap shut at the same time. 

Let's find a way to avoid pills cravings

You then find positions in which the period pain is more bearable, equip yourself with hot water bottles, equip yourself as before a battle with the necessary weapons and when the first PMS approach - for most women, by the way, 4 to 14 days before - you actually already feel on lost ground. But retreat is impossible. Except maybe into your own little cave ... No, these pains and symptoms are not pretty. But they are more or less part of the lives of half the population, as our friends from the online magazine im gegenteil explain it so well. For months (since last summer to be exact) Anni, Jule and the whole team including family members of the founders have tested the ALPINOLS CBD oils and found an alternative to painkillers like Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Co., also because they "don't want to use chemicals anymore" and were looking for a natural product.

CBD-oil for menstrual cramps

Now the 12% CBD oil is here: Your period it is called and is of course purely vegan from hand-picked hemp, sustainably grown and produced in Switzerland according to Bio-Suisse guidelines as well as fair. The CBD oil contains valuable vitamins such as B1, B2 and E, proteins and various minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, sodium, phosphorus and zinc. Your days delivers the full spectrum of ingredients and effects. The innovative CO2 extraction process ensures one of the highest terpene profiles in the world. By the way, the CBD-oil is THC-free, the laboratory analysis report is of course also available for those who want to delve deeper.

She must be on the rag.

Period pain (or PMS) can have many causes besides the natural processes in the female body, and chronic conditions such as endometriosis - where cysts and inflammation occur outside the uterus - limit many women's lives, whether through the abdominal pain itself or the accompanying symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Many know very little about this and it is not a new story that women with severe period pains have also been advised to see a psychologist as a therapy. They were not believed that they actually had such pain. Is it worse not to be believed or to have explosive abdominal pain? 

That is why it is important to educate and to free menstruation from its taboo - especially in a world where the topic is closely linked to social issues. Stigmas have had their day - embarrassment and shame have no place here, after all it is one of the most natural things of mankind. If a woman has to cancel work, events or social contacts because of period pains, this may have further negative effects on the person concerned - not to mention the fact that there are still countries that literally forbid women and girls from going out and participating in life during their periods. And phrases like "She must be having her period" certainly don't make it any better. 

Bio CBD oil, which most people take orally and leave to take effect under the tongue, is designed to last for several months and can be dosed differently. Simply test it out and find the right dosage for yourself is the motto here.

 Have you had any experience with CBD for period pain? 

CBD-oil against period pain



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